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Privacy Policy


On the basis of our trade cooperation (i.e. by placing an order on www.harveyspahotel.com online store or by online reservation) or based on a personal meeting you give your consent to the company Needmore s.r.o., with reg. address Plaská 614/10, Malá Strana (Praha 5), 150 00 Praha, under reg. number 180 11721 (hereinafter “Needmore s.r.o.”), to the processing of your personal data in the following scope.
This Privacy Policy describes how the company Needmore s.r.o. , which is providing hotel services under the HARVEY SPA HOTEL trademark, collects, uses, consults or otherwise processes your personal data.
The company Needmore s.r.o. operates in accordance with the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (hereinafter as “GDPR”) as well as the current national Data Privacy Acts. When using the Internet, we are committed to the protection of your Personal Data by the Act No. 101/2000 Coll., on Personal Data Protection or any legal regulation that would replace this law in the future and by GDPR.
By using this website or using any of our services and by agreeing to this Policy, you agree to the collection and use of personal data as described in this policy.


  1. SCOPE OF PERSONAL DATA TO BE PROCESSEDYour personal data, which the company Needmore s.r.o. has collected within the implementation of the supplier-purchaser relationship between you – purchaser – and the company Needmore s.r.o. – supplier. It deals particularly of personal data described in points a – g specified below. This data will be used for the purposes defined in point 2.
    a) Contact details for purpose of price offer request or reservation: (title, first name, last name, address, phone number, e-mail address), based on point b) and c) section 1 Article 6 of EU GDPR;
    b) Contact details for purpose of marketing and on-line advertisements: first name, last name, e-mail address based on point a) section 1 Article 6 of EU GDPR (consent of the Guests);
    c) Personal information for purpose of reservation (ID card, passport details, place and date of birth, citizenship) based on point b) and c) section 1 Article 6 of EU GDPR;
    d) Details of bank card for transaction and reservation purposes for the settlement of the consideration of the service, fulfillment of the invoicing obligation (type, number, expiry date, name of card holder; CVC/CVV) based on point c) section 1 Article 6 of EU GDPR;
    e) Arrival and departure dates based on point b) section 1 Article 6 of EU GDPR;
    f) Visa number and certificate of registration (for non-EU or non-EEA residents) for purpose of reservation based on point b) section 1 Article 6 of EU GDPR;
    g) Technical and location data you generate as a result of using our websites (the start and end time of usage of the website, IP address and other recorded browsing data (cookie) of the user of the website) and applications based on point a) section 1 Article 6 of EU GDPR (consent of the Guests).


  1. PURPOSE OF PROCESSING PERSONAL DATAYour personal data will be processed for these purposes:
    a) marketing purposes of Needmore s.r.o. i.e., mainly by sending information about events, services, and other activities in the form of newsletters or via email communication;
    b) transactions on www.harveyspahotel.com;
    c) making reservations in the restaurants and lobby bar as well as other reservations/orders online;
    d) protecting our legitimate interests, i.e. in particular, for the purposes of assessing, exercising and enforcing our legal claims, protecting the rights, property or security of us, our clients or other persons
    e) performance of a contract with the customer;
    f) necessary to comply with a legal obligation.


  1. WHO AND HOW WILL PROCESS PERSONAL DATAThe company Needmore s.r.o. as a data controller, will process your personal data on the basis of this consent within the above-defined scope and for the above-mentioned purposes in manual written as well as electronic form using automated systems by means of their own employees or personal data processors, i.e. the subjects charged by Needmore s.r.o.. to perform individual processing activities in compliance with relevant legal regulations and to protect personal data by means of concluding personal data processing agreements.We may share your personal data with third-party providers of hotel services such as reception services, spa treatments or food delivery services. We rely on third parties to provide services and products on our behalf and may share your personal data with them as appropriate. All our service providers are contractually obligated to protect your personal information and may not otherwise use or share your personal data, except as required by law or stated in the contract.Your personal data will also be shared with government authorities and/or law enforcement officials if required for the purposes above, if mandated by law or if required for the legal protection of the controller’s legitimate interests in compliance with applicable laws.


    The consent to process personal data under the defined terms is given for the whole duration of the supplier-purchaser relationship between you and the company Needmore s.r.o. as follows:
    a) online store orders: for the valid period, at the latest 15 months from the date of issue;
    b) for the restaurant/bar reservations as well as other reservations: from the day we entered the reservation into the system until the day the reservation is going to be finished;
    c) newsletters: for an indefinite duration until a customer unsubscribes from the mailing list (each newsletter includes an unsubscribe link).


    Giving consent to the processing of personal data is entirely voluntary and it is not conditional upon other performances required from you by Needmore s.r.o. within the supplier-purchaser relationship. You can withdraw this consent anytime by sending your withdrawal to the e-mail address [email protected].


    Your personal data was provided voluntarily in the above-defined scope. You, as a data subject, have the rights under relevant legal regulations. As a subject providing consent to the processing of personal data you are entitled to:
    a) require access to your personal data and information about its provision and processing (e.g., scope, purpose, time to process) including the right to be given a copy of the processed data from the company Needmore s.r.o.
    b) withdraw the written consent anytime (see more in point 5);
    c) ask the company Needmore s.r.o. in writing to delete your personal data (particularly in the case when you withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data and the data is no more needed for the purpose it was collected or otherwise processed); you have the right to “be forgotten” if your personal data was published in the internet environment (i.e. deletion of all references to your personal data, its copy or replication);
    d) get your personal data that the company Needmore s.r.o. processes based on this consent in a common structured and machine-readable format and hand it over to another controller;
    e) raise an objection, if your data is processed for the purpose of direct marketing; if you raise such an objection the company Needmore s.r.o.. terminates the processing of your personal data;
    f) if you learn or if you are convinced that the company Needmore s.r.o. processes your personal data out of keeping with the protection of private and personal life, law, or regulation, particularly if the personal data is inaccurate with respect to the purpose of its processing, you are allowed to do the following upon written request:(i) raise an objection against processing,
    (ii) ask the company Needmore s.r.o. for an explanation,
    (iii) require the elimination of such conditions from Needmore s.r.o.., i.., mainly to block, to make a correction, to fill in or to delete personal data,
    (iv) lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority, i.e., Personal Data Protection Authority.



    You give your consent also to sending commercial communication via electronic means pursuant to article 7 of Act no. 480/2004 Coll. on certain information society services, as subsequently amended, i.e., consent to send commercial communication via all electronic means to your electronic contact that the company Needmore s.r.o. collected within your supplier-purchaser relationship or in another legitimate way.