Many people use the sauna as a natural means to strengthen their mentality. The hot sauna environment triggers the brain to produce more euphoric hormones that make us feel relaxed, happy, and at peace. Our guest can select from two type of saunas:

The Finnish sauna is a type of sauna that uses the power of dry heat. Unlike steam saunas, which are known as wet saunas, there is no humidity or steam in Finnish saunas. The humidity is usually kept around 5-20% and the temperature is set at around 80-100°C.

The Steamed sauna is heated in a dry way, usually using hot stones or closed stoves. Steam baths are heated by steam from a generator filled with boiling water. Saunas help relax and relieve muscles, but steam baths have even more health benefits. The key to the unique health effects of a steam bath is humidity.

The entry to the sauna is part of the hotel stay.